Bookkeeping Services

We provide accounting needs of UK subsidiaries of foreign entities. We support parent companies by providing highly sophisticated accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services for their subsidiaries in accordance with UK regulations.


Compliance is not only to subdue to governmental regulations. These are there to saveguard that your businesses and internal and external processes benefit all stakeholders and to maximise corporate and social profit and harmony.

Cashflow Management ....

We find the right solution for you. Besides banks we work with a wide rage of new payment service providers that also make the bookkeeper's or accountant's life easier.


Functional Accounting

Operational management of your finances is key to the long term success of your business. We're with you for the long run, supporting your back office by training your staff, implementing controls and bringing your systems together.

Research & Development Tax Relief

HM Revenue & Customs makes it easier than ever to make innovation, research and development also more attractive from the financial side. Check out their website and short videos, and discuss with us the details. If it get very technically complicated we work closely with experts in tackling these matters.

Links to help information on the web....HMRC's website on R&D tax credits



Becoming a client ...

Let's discuss your requirements in detail.  Initial consultations are free of charge. See possible forms of collaboration on FAQ page.

If all is well for you and us, we will issue a letter of engagement for you to sign and carry out an ID check for anti-money laundering purposes. (In the UK all accounting & bookkeeping provides are required by law to know their clients and benificiaries).