Our Approach

Bookkeeping Essentials provides outsourced accounting service for small, mid-size, fast-growing businesses and UK subsidiaries of foreign entities. We understand the intricacies of IFRS and GAAP accounting and how they interact together and operate separately. From reporting requirements to maintaining compliance, we support foreign parent companies by providing highly sophisticated accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services for their subsidiaries in accordance with UK regulations.

Although experienced in using many types of accounting related technologies we specialize in QuickBooks and Xero.com related products and services. We use VT Cashbook and Final Accounts for statutory related services.

Our Story

Why hiring Us?

We are known for lightning-quick response time and fast, accurate project turn around! And can help your business save time (and money!) by evaluating how your business works and making recommendations on technology and methods that will help improve it. For this we often suggest doing certain tasks at your office as this enables better insights in your back office and accounting system’s needs.

We at Bookkeeping Essentials are passionate about our work and enjoy doing the necessary to stay abreast with changes in technologies and legislation for you, so that you don’t need to.

The founder

Barbara Bohni

Founder & CEO

Barbara communicates fluently not only in English but also German and French.

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