Bookkeeping and Accounting

Getting the best picture of your finances starts with having the fundamentals in place. That's why BKE will work with you to get your day-to-day books sorted, so you can worry about what's important.

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We help businesses to comply with their legal and statutory obligations to HMRC and Companies House (if you have a limited company or partnership).

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Multi-currency payment solutions

Money makes the world go around.. !! That's right, but.... We aim to take the thorns out of handling multi-currency expenses and payment transactions that make theĀ  accountant's tasks easier as well.

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Since 1993

- CiS -
Construction Industry Scheme

Are you a Subcontractor, Contractor or both?

Or are you a non UK established enterprise delivering and installing land related technologies?

We can help with registration with HMRC and the monthly CiS Returns and issuing payment deduction Statements.


Next Steps...

To get you the best deal we do need to know your business's purpose and processes. We therefore aim to become your long term partner. To give you the best possible offer your answers in the questionaires you can download here will help us to make you a SMART initial offer.